Managing time, Focusing energy and Enhancing power

We bring performance improvements and innovative solutions for today and future business challenges of our clients, by managing time, focusing energy and consequently enhancing the power of organizations.

The Story

Time, Energy, Power

TIME is an invisible, untouchable and infinite dimension of the Universe, yet finite within the framework of an organization.TIME is a passive resource of the organization, still playing an important role for the development of individuals and organizations through the barrier of its laps. Due to its abstract nature, TIME is often neglected or overrated.

ENERGY is the essence of force that gives the shapes and the motions of the entire Universe. ENERGY is the most active resource of an organization, the cause and the effect of the individuals’ and organizations’ actions. It drives all the elements of micro and macro systems, creating interactions within and among organizations.

The combination of TIME and ENERGY within organizations creates the POWER that drives the business, creates value, makes companies perform against competitors, and ultimately has an impact upon the environment.

Our philosophy is to look at the organization from the perspective of these three lenses – TIME, ENERGY and POWER – and keep track on how ENERGY comes in and how POWER comes out of the system and how the system changes its processes and structure within a TIME frame. Managing TIME, focusing the ENERGY on what truly creates value, will ultimately enhance the POWER of the company.


Strategic management

It is very important for an organization, whether it is for profit reason or not, to define a proper direction for development and to build the mechanism for continuous improvement. Our role is to support and advise organizations in order to decide if its strategy and the tools they might use to implement it are appropriate. We advise our clients to implement the proper performance monitoring of the strategic management in order to connect the future business goals with the present capabilities and future potential power. Read more...

Restructuring and Reorganization

The dynamics of today’s business environment requires organizations to manifest flexibility regarding the structure, processes and functions – therefore we help our clients build the right business architecture in accordance with today and tomorrow’s business path. Read more...

Business development

Our experience in various industries within Eastern European market gives us the potential to share our expertise and to assist organizations in designing the right path of business development to succeed in a very demanding and competitive environment. Read more...

Corporate Finance

We help our clients understand and identify the sources of value creation, assisting with valuation process, raising finance and investment, financial analysis and simulation in order to reduce uncertainty in the process of taking financial decisions. Read more...

Fraud Investigation

Today’s national and global economic conditions induce vulnerabilities and create circumstances for the risk of fraud which is a serious threat to organizations. Considering that, we help organizations identify the shortcomings of the internal control systems in order to reveal any possible weaknesses and prevent any further conditions of fraudulent actions. Read more...

Mergers & Acquisitions

We can assist our clients in both Sell-Side and Buy-Side engagements with early preparation for a transaction, origination of potential buyers or acquisition targets, evaluation of strategic alternatives, business and assets evaluation, deal structuring, negotiation and transaction closing. Read more...

Performance management and performance system redesign

A key element in running a successful business is to ensure a proper inter-connectivity and information flow among all the stakeholders and production factors that influence the business. In order to succeed, we help organizations set and implement a suitable performance management system. The interaction of information technology with performance management system will ease the measurement and performance analysis and improve the decision making process of the organization. Read more...

Process and project management

We help our clients redesign and improve processes and operations from the perspective of better time management, focus the right and proper energy where most needed, in order to enhance the organization’s operational power that ultimately will create value for the company. Read more...

Risk management

Any organizations may face risks in running the business, therefore together with the client we identify where the vulnerable aspects of the system are and assist with solutions that will prevent and mitigate the risk in most of the areas within the organization. Read more...

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In order to pursue our values we try to keep a certain level of discretion regarding the professional profile of our team.

Therefore, in order to get access to the structure, professional qualifications, skills and professional experience of our team, please fill in the following information.

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We are a dedicated and experienced team with an international business background, familiar with Eastern European market that gives us the ability of a better understanding of the client needs, of its culture and way of thinking. We come from a wide variety of professional areas bringing many years of industry and functional expertise.

Our professional background in industries such as banking/financial services, wood processing, oil&gas, production of building materials, FMCG, agribusiness or private equity with an outstanding work experience allow us to find solutions to the most sophisticated problems of our clients.

We hold a range of international professional diplomas in the field of Management, Accountancy, Project management, Training that make us a highly reliable and professional partner for business organizations.Business digitization is an important challenge for today and for the future, therefore a tight collaboration with Information Technology specialists allows us to offer integrated solutions to our clients’ problems.

Notwithstanding the diversity of our team expertise and background, we have a common scope, to bring the greatest value to our clients’ activities.

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We know that social relations are based on the exchange of feelings, emotions and values. We strongly believe that values can create values, can enable reliability and trust, and may shape the business relations beyond the needs and expectations of each part. Therefore, we put our values upfront as a lifetime warranty for any of our partnerships.


We focus our energy and resources towards our client needs for the purpose of bringing the right and innovative solutions for their business requirements to help them outperform the competition or to keep the leading position within their field.

Discretion and confidentiality

The relationship with our clients is built on trust, confidence and discretion; we act in their best interest without jeopardizing their values, culture and image.


One of the golden rules of our organization is to manifest integrity to our business partners, stakeholders and society. We meet the expectations and the needs of our clients with professionalism and due care. We manifest curiosity and act to continuously improve and update our skills, knowledge and competences in order to deliver the highest quality and professional solutions.


We are committed to excellence; therefore, we ensure that our clients receive excellent services based on our experience, education and professional diversity. We continuously build a habit of excellence in order to deliver the state of the art service to our clients.


Our minds are oriented towards innovation. Both the curiosity and the willingness to build newness make us unique in this field. When we offer solutions to our clients we combine innovation in architectural design, Information Technology Systems and business mechanisms in order to step forward in the company’s evolution.

Ideas with impact

The success of our company depends on the success of our clients; therefore, in order to succeed, we generate new ideas and then positively act upon and challenge the organization to drive the change. We also support and advise managers to appropriately evaluate new ideas they generate, placing them within a complex context in order to obtain the desired positive impact on business and meet the company goals.


We appreciate your interest and confidence in our services; therefore please ask questions, request information and exchange ideas with us. We will come back to you as possible with an answer to your request.

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